Italian Citizenship - General Information


Research and ordering of documents in Italy for the Italian citizenship process. The Italian documents required for Italian citizenship are:

- Certificate of Baptism (Certificato di Battesimo, when the Italian was born before the existence of civil registration).

- Birth Certificate (Certificato di Nascita, when the Italian was born after the existence of civil registration).

- Marriage Certificate (Certificato di Matrimonio, when the Italian ascendant was married in Italy).

Understand the difference between researching and searching for documents:

- Research: it happens when the interested party does not know where the certificate is.

- Ordering: happens when the interested party knows the location or already has a copy of the certificate. In this case, it is only the issue of the updated and validated copy of the certificate.

In the case of seeking a certificate, the deadline for obtaining a validated copy can take up to 60 days.

Brazil and USA

We also offer a certificate research and ordering service in Brazil and USA. Based on the data provided, the research and ordering are carried out.

We have a team specialized in document research in Brazil and USA. We offer complete research, analyzing the 4 ancestry lines. The setting up of the family tree also applies to those people who do not know their ancestry.

- Research for religious certificates - In the absence of a civil registration certificate, religious certificates are also valid. We researched baptism and religious marriage certificates.

- Research and search for birth, marriage and death certificates at a civil registry office across the country.

- CNN - The Negative Naturalization Certificate is a document to prove that an Italian citizen did not apply for naturalization as a Brazilian. It should contain all possible variations that occur both in the name and surname of their Italian ancestor, since it was common to change the spelling when they immigrated to Brazil or USA.

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