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The questions on how to obtain Italian citizenship are many, as are many documents needed to start the process. Click on each question have the answers. If you need more information, please contact our team!

Do I have the right of the Italian citizenship?

The recognition of Italian citizenship is based on Article 1 of Italian Law No. 91/92.

The recognition of Italian citizenship occurs by jus sanguinis (right of blood), that is, the applicant must have an Italian descendant to apply for citizenship.

This recognition is based on Article 1 of Italian Law No. 91/92, with Italian citizenship being passed from the Italian ascendant to his descendants, with no generational limit.

We offer no-cost feasibility analysis to identify whether or not you are entitled to recognition of Italian citizenship.

If you are entitled to Italian citizenship, a technical analysis of the documents will be required.

My Euro Citizenship helps you make your dream come true!

You can get more detailed information on the website of the Italian Consulate that serves your region.

What do I need to apply for my Italian citizenship?
  • All Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates in Full Content (from your birth certificate and, if you are married, the marriage certificate rising genealogically to your Italian ascendant).
  • Certificate of Non-Naturalization.
  • All documents must have names, places, and dates, if necessary, amended. They also need to be translated into the Italian language by a certified translator and later, both the certificates and the translations, need to have the Hague certificate on them.

My Euro Citizenship performs the research and assemble of the family tree and the search for certificates in USA, Brazil and Italy if you do not have the information.

The beginning of the work happens when we have all the certificates gathered, either a copy or a pdf, to analyze and thus verify the feasibility of the process.

Only by analyzing the documents is it possible to ascertain the need for amendments, have a schedule and budget defined for all the citizenship process.

The processes in USA, Brazil and in Italy are divided into two stages: preparation of certificates and development with the Italian Institution (Comuni in Italy and Italian Consulate or via legal process).

It is not possible to estimate the costs without first analyzing the vital records.

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How does Certificate Search in Italy work?

Vital Records issued before 1866 are in churches and each city has more than one church. Therefore, having as much information as possible helps in the search for the certificate. My Euro Citizenship can help you to search all certificates in USA and Brazil, as well as entry records in the country and, with this, gather as much information as possible to find the correct city where the certificate is.

Certificates after 1866 are more accessible and easier to find, as they will usually be in the comuni. In addition, many state files already have their entire collection digitized and some even in a database.

Regardless of the date or type of certificate, there is the correct process to find the document, as well as request and apostille the document. After the entire process is completed, you will be able to have your document in hand so you can start the document amendment phase in USA or Brazil and, later, use it in your Italian citizenship recognition process.

My Euro Citizenship has a specialized team for on-site research in Italy, in addition to all the experience in USA and Brazil to assist you with all the different processes in vital records offices.

How does Certificate Search work in Brazil and USA?

Research of religious certificates - in case of absence of civil registration certificate, religious certificates are also valid. We searched for baptism and religious marriage certificates.

Research and ordering of birth, marriage, and death certificates in vital records offices throughout USA and Brazil.

Late Registration Certificate.

American and Brazilian birth, marriage, death, and non-naturalization certificates must be submitted to be accepted at Italian Consulates and in Italy. The Hague Apostilles are stamps and a seal placed on the back of the documents. Therefore, it is necessary to present the original certificates and original translations to have the seal on them.

What is AIRE?

Is a register for Italians that live outside the country and this is done in each consulate.

Keeping the AIRE Consular Register up to date is the only obligation of Italians living outside Italy.

It is not possible to issue or renew an Italian passport with an outdated AIRE.

What should always be updated at the Italian Consulate is:

- Address.

- Marital status (marriage, divorce, widowhood).

- Composition of the Family (Children under 18).

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